Picnics are popping up all of the place with a unique Picnic Hamper concept from the people at The Traveling Chef. The Traveling Chef can get their hands on a number of different Picnic Hampers designed especially for Your event. Whether you have a group of 20 or a group of 2000 people, all of the picnic essentials are taken care of by these professional picnic planners.
There are different ways you can look to cater for your Picnic – choose from hampers perfect for 1′s or 2′s or get our packed picnics delivered ready to serve to your large group.

They make sure you have everything you need including cutlery and napkins and can even provide a number of different Picnic Hamper options for different dietary requirements. If your, The Traveling Chef Picnic Hamper is for a specific occasion, then let the team concept a personalised packaging solution for your event.
Picnic hampers are a great way to have an instant occasion wherever you are.  This is sure a way to make sure that your guest gets the best possible catering and lunch where ever they are whatever activities they busy with. Even if your Guest or Group are traveling in a tour group to certain activities. This is one sure way to bring about a sense of team unity. The Picnic Hampers can even come equipped with picnic rugs and other essential equipment if you so desire. Wedding Picnic Hampers have also become a very popular offering for the Picnic team with smart all white picnic hampers adding a classic picnic touch to Weddings.
The Traveling Chef can also look after all of your picnic hamper dietary requirements and offer a range of hampers specific to different occasions throughout the year. Some of their most popular items are contained within the Perfect Picnic hamper which includes the most incredible chocolate brownies freshly own baked breads and other fresh produce. romantics. These hampers are delivered and include a butler who sets up the picnic hamper, pours the champagne and then leaves you to pop the question.
If you are looking for a Picnic hamper, then be sure to get in touch with the team at The Traveling Chef Picnics for a gourmet Picnic Hamper.