With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is important to remember to find ways to connect. One good way to connect is through conversation. No, everyday talk about the kids, work or finances doesn’t count; find something more enlightening to discuss.  You should engage in deep conversation that will allow you to get to know your mate better, because the truth is, despite how long you have been together there is always something new to learn about each other.


Well, in this date night we have picked the perfect setting for you to have an engaging conversation. Unlike restaurants, there is no loud conversations around you and no waiter constantly checking on you. Instead, your surroundings are tranquil and you are able to enjoy simple foods, have a good engaging conversation, and relax. Simply put, there is no date more intimate than having a romantic picnic with your mate. In this date night, we have provided you with everything you need for an intimate in-home picnic; including food, dinnerware, candles, rose petals, and an engaging conversational game.

datebox2 datebox3

We really-really want to tell what is in the Boxes, but we just can’t announce the amazing secret inside these boxes every month there will be a new box.

Even if you want to go beyond and extend and surprise your husband or wife with a special box we can put it together for you. You tell us the occasion and detail we will use our imagination.